Cycling routes

Riding bicycle around the Stari Grad will offer you the chance to learn about long and turbulent history of this area through recreation. Bike paths are designed for recreation and for those who seeking a real challenge. Cycling through the village of Dol and Vrbanj, trough Stari Grad Plain, inlisted on UNESCO world cultural heritage list or to the top of St. Nicholas, the highest peak on the Island or to the peninsula Kabal, are real pleasure. If you prefer walking, there are eco-hiking trails.
We highly recommend walking to the Glavica, a lookout point on the north side of Stari Grad bay, which offers a breathtaking view of the Stari Grad, Stari Grad Bay and the Stari Grad Plain.
Bicycles can be rented at several rent a bike agencies and for walking we recommend nordic walking sticks.

The Kabal Route- Experience nature

The Kabal cycle route stretches across the whole length of peninsula Kabal, protected ecological zone. The basic characteristic of this route is the effect it has on one's senses of taste and smell. Regardless of season you will not be deprived of this experience. Alongside the route there are bushes of Manjiga, a plant which blooms and gives eatable and tasty fruits at the same time. Numerous coves, only several hundred to 1660 meters away (the Smočiguzica cove), lure into exploring more and offer sea pleasure.
Route length: 22,22 km
Altitude span: 125 m

Bicycle map of The Kabal Route.

The Stari Grad Plain Route - Cycling through history

The Stari Grad Plain route is suitable even for the curious ones without any cycling experience: everyone will easily master its moderate length and its small altitude span. It is also the oldest route, which had been used for commuting by local a long time before the first bicycles appeared. Many generations of the islanders have left trace of their time in the plain which is why it is a real archaeological site. Ager or Stari Grad Plain is protected by UNESCO in 2008. In addition to the Ager route, a ride along narrow asphalted roads from one village to another should not be missed.
Rout length: 11,49 km
Altitude span: 62 m

Bicycle map of The Ager Route.

The Purka Route - Cycling to the top of the Island of Hvar

The Purka route will take you to the highest peak of the Island of Hvar, peak of st.Nikola (628m). It is very demanding, and efforts it requires from you are rewarded with the most beautiful view of the island below you, the see surrounding it, the neighbouring islands and cliffs descending into the open sea. At the very beginning of the tar-macadam part of the road an incredible view will catch your eye: work done by human hands trough out the centuries, hills divided by the stone walls in perfect harmony.
Rout length: 23,20 km
Altitude span: 523 m

Bicycle map of The Purka Route.

Eco walking path - Way to stay young

The Glavica path takes you above the town of Stari Grad to the Glavica Peak, marked with white cross which can also be seen from the town. Apart from that mark there is a prehistoric fort hill marked with a circular pile of stones. The length of path: 7 km
The Purkin Kuk path takes you trough Stari Grad Plain to the hillside of Purka, passing by significant archaeological site – Kupinovik. The length of path is 9,20 km
Neither of the paths demands to much physical strain, but they offer experience for your senses of taste and smell.
You can combine the two basic walking paths of Faros according to your own possibilities and preferences.

Eco walking map



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