Diving Pearls

Divers found Hvar to be an island with a thousand possibilities. Its beauties are not only found on the land but also the sea surrounding it took something for itself. The only ones to have the opportunity of seeing it are the chosen ones - the divers.
Kabal promontory is situated on the eastern part of the Stari Grad bay, whilst the most interesting part for divers is the tunnel situated right below the lighthouse at the peak of the promontory itself. The tunnel is entered at a depth of 9 meter  whereas it is exited on the other side of the promontory, at a depth of 17 meter. The tunnel is around 25 meter long. Besides the tunnel, the entire area surrounding the promontory is interesting for diving as already at a depth of 7-8 meter, the terrain drops to around fifty meter. This location is extremely rich with flora and fauna so one can see shoals of fish friars, Salema porgy and particularly nice examples of surmullets here. It is recommended for the more experienced diver.
Smočiguzica promontory is situated on the north-eastern coast of the island of Hvar, approximately half way between Stari Grad and Jelsa. It is best to moor the boat approximately fifty meter from the promontory, in the bay that is well protected from north-westerly winds. There is a place within the cove that is interesting for all categories of divers. It is the cliff that rises from the very end of the promontory. If you start from the coast, the terrain drops to 17 meter where the high rock rises up around ten meter with a diameter of around 30 meter, situated at the end of the scales after which the terrain drops perpendicularly to 45-55 meter and ends with sand. The wall is full of holes from which conger eel, spiny lobster or grouper always protrude. But what will impress you the most is the view that extends from the peak of the cliff to the sea abyss. The upper part, up to twenty meter in depth is ideal for beginners whilst the lower part is ideal for the more experienced ones.
Two nautical miles after the Smočiguzica promontory towards the east, is the Tatinja cove. At the eastern peak, some twenty meter from the coast remnants of a ship wreck can be found. According to the data available, this ship sank in the period between 1813 and 1815. At a depth of 30 meter there are still remains of cargo that mainly consist of ceramic dishes but with a bit of luck you can also find coins with the Austro-Hungarian coat of arms. The most interesting part for diving is around a depth of ten meter broadening along the coast.
If you continue from the Tatinja cove towards the east, you will arrive at Zala luka. Zala luka is interesting for its wall situated on its western coast. It begins at the coast and extends in a northerly direction. This wall is interesting to all categories of divers because it starts at just a few meter of depth and slowly drops to 20 meter then swooping down to a further depth of 50 meter that will delight those more experienced divers.
In the Pelegrin cove there is a hidden ship wreck from the Second World War. You can moor along the western part of the cove and from there go in pursuit of the ship. Sandy soil will harden the pursuit, but you will easily note the prow of a thirty meter long ship that still protrudes from the base once you approach it. The wreck is situated close to the entrance of the cove, on the left hand side and at around 18 meter of depth. The greatest depth for immersion is 30 meter and whether you will see the ship wreck or not depends on the clarity of the sea on the day of immersion.



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