Faros Marathon

The reason behind the organisation of the famous FAROS MARATHON was the theatre show dedicated to the sea called “Domagojada” which was performed by Relja Bašić’s "Histrioni" theatre company in the summer of 1974 on the Škor Square in Stari Grad.  Stimulated by the show’s content, an idea came to Vicko Šoljan to organize a swimming marathon in Stari Grad thanks to the perfect formation of the bay, and by doing so amuse and entertain tourists. He immediately confided the idea to his closest collaborators. They invited the famous publicist and journalist from Split, Frane Jurić to Stari Grad as well as the period‘s world champion marathon swimmer, the legendary Veljko Rogošić who also joined the project. They agreed to begin organizing the Mini Marathon from the town’s port to the Baba cape and back. The marathon was 3,620 m long and the organisers were interested in seeing the reaction and interest of local inhabitants and in particular of its young people. 
As the reaction was extremely positive, and the response was over and above all their expectations, they decided to organize the huge, 16,000 m marathon in 1976 which would take place from the town’s port to Kabal cape and back. The hardest part was to start. The first International Championship in marathon swimming took place in 1976. 11 male swimmers and 1 female took part in the competition: Veljko Rogošić reached the finish line first with a time of 3:50.10 whilst the female swimmer, Jasna Efendić, took third place. Czechoslovakian Boris Ferjenčik from Bratislava took part in the second marathon making it into an international competition. 
That is how it all began. Everything after that is an amazing story about which thousands of newspaper articles have been writing amongst which special place is given to a large full-page report in the world’s most famous sporting newspaper, France’s L'EQUIPE which is sold in many thousands of copies all around the world, and as well as several books, numerous reports have been registered by both national and international radio and TV companies. 
Up to the present, 35th Faros Marathons have taken place in which a total of 56 swimmers from 42 countries from all 5 continents have taken part. From the first winner, the legendary Veljko Rogošić, to the most recent, Mark Warkentin (USA), all of the best European and world marathon swimmers have taken part on the track in Stari Grad Bay and no European champion has not swum in the Faros Marathon. 
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