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This island of Hvar is essentially a long narrow ridge. Walk in this section take you towards or up to the ridge, including the highest point on the island at 628m (Sveti Nikola). Although these walks take you away from the sea, it is rare that the sea is out of sight and there are some splendid views. Some of the walks are all day walks, but others are especially good for an evening walk in summer.  Walking trough Dol and Vrbanj, nearby villages, both lie on the Stari Grad’s Plain southern slopes and lots of vineyard, olivyard on your way will show you real life on the Island of Hvar.


Dol  (1 hour 20 minutes return)

You can see the village of Dol from Stari Grad, perched on the hill behind the town. The church is prominent at night when it is floodlit. Dol is a quiet and pleasant place, typical of inland settlements on the island. From the church of Sveta Marija in Dol you will have good views towards Stari Grad and the fiord, as well as over the extensive fields laid out originally by the Greeks that still follow much the same pattern today. The walk to Dol takes you away from the follow much the sea and through fields. 
Start by walking along the right hand side (with the sea behind you) of the park in the centre of town going towards the bus station. Carry straight on (do not turn right on the road that goes past the bus station). When the paved road does a sharp right hand turn, go straight ahead. Almost immediately the road becomes a wide unsurfaced road (which goes to Vrboska). Continue along this road for about 10 minutes and when you reach a small cross-roads, take a right turn (at this point you will see Dol straight ahead of you). 
From here you go straight ahead all the way to Dol. When you reach the main road, go ahead and then shortly afterwards you will come to a smaller road junction. Cross straight over and you will then be on a paved road that climbs gently up to the village. 
As you enter Dol you can make your way to the church by following the road round to the left and steeply up. Just before doing so, there is a cafe on your right where you may like to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Likorova kuća (1 hour 40 minutes return)
This is an unusual walk in that it is mostly on a path throught thick vegetation. A strech is along a busy road, but it is well worth tolerating the trek along theroad for the walk up through the trees. Because the walk is shady once you get off main road, it is especially pleasant on a warm summer' s evening, or in the spring when it is almost Alpine in feel. Likorova kuća means doctor' s house in the local dialect. Today it is a roofless shell, high up with views of the fields below. 
Start by walking to the bus station at the end of the park behind the Tourist office. Take the road out of town past the bus station and the Maestral building supply depot. When after 10 minutes from starting the walk you reach a T junction. This will bring you to the main Stari Grad –Jelsa road where jou turn left. The next 10 minnutes are along a relativly busy road. You need to look for a sign on the right, marking the path to Likorova kuća and Purkin Kuk which goes through the fields and then into the trees. It is just after a large yellow road sign indicating the junction for Dol and Jelsa is 500 metres away, and just before the next one saying it is 300 metres away. 

Vrbanj & Sveti Vid  (2 hours from Vrbanj to Stari Grad)
This walk is most easily done by taking the bus to Vrbanj and walking back to Stari Grad. The Stari Grad -Jelsa bus stops by the church in Vrbanj. 
Sveti Vid is the remains of a tiny 10th-12th century church built where there once was a hill fort dating from the 1 st. century BC. Although the views in some directions are restricted by trees, you can get good idea of the site's commanding position. From the church at Vrbanj walk on the road back towards Stari Grad for about 5 minutes until you reach a sharp bend in the road juts before it leaves the village. Take the road on the left at the bend and after 20 metres turn right. This takes you past some houses and you will shortly pick up the red dots marking the route. Just before you reach the highest point on the path, after you have been walking for 25 minutes from the church, you will see a clear path to your right going up. This walk take you in 10 minutes to the site of a hill fort and the remains of Sveti Vid. Return to the main path and turn right to continue to the main path and turn right to continue to the church of Sveta Ane in Dol which you will reach in 15 minutes. Dol consist of two part around the churches of Sveta Ane and Sveta Marija-the latter being the larger church in a prominent position that is illuminated at night and is nearer Stari Grad. Make for the church of Sveta Marija and then follow the road down towards Stari Grad –a pleasant road without a lot of traffic. When you reach a fork after about 10 minutes, bear right and almost immediately the road meets the old road from Stari Grad to Jelsa. Look across the road and you will see a path through the fields. Take this. It then crosses the main Stari Grad –Jelsa road and from here, in about 10 minutes , the path will come to the unpaved road between Vrboska and stari Grad. Turn left and in another 15 minutes you will be back at the bus station in Stari Grad. 



Bus Timetable valid from 1st of November 2017 to 18th of April 2018,  you can find out here



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